HIGGINS. Information Shaman

Awesome with numbers
and the most competitive
human being we’ve ever met.

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PEARSON. Development Guru

She is so important we have
her entire mind backed up
on a hard drive somewhere.

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BENTHAM. Development Wizard

Never makes the brews, but is patient and considered.

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HEATLEY. Buzz Ambassador

Architect botherer
and skirting board perfectionist 
with a short attention span.

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MOFFAT. Development Sage

The reigning office standing-up
marathon runner (standing up
for 3 hours a day = 10 marathons
a year apparently).

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JARRETT. Enforcer of Spaces & Places

Seasoned traveller to the darkest 
corners of the planet. Has a masters
in “getting stuff done!”

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WILMOT. Uber Extraordinaire

1st class developer, 2nd class Uber rating (sorry Tom).

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JONES. The Doc

Paul is a Doctor of regeneration (seriously!). However, it turns out he's quite reluctant to sign our sick notes...

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JOE LUK. Arts & Crafts

Veteran of terrible haircuts.

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LOCKETT-BURKE. Head of hygge

Drink-spilling dungaree enthusiast and dreamer of places to play.

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ASHLEY. Eats & treats

Wears a mean beard. Deadshot with a bubblegun. Don't mess.

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STALKER. Master Orator

Speaks well, loves big words and yet explains things clearly for us simpletons.

Likes spreadsheets and detail almost as much.

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