Posted by capitalandcentric - 19th July 2017

Our first sales release was a success!

Last Saturday we pre-released 20 loft apartments and they completely sold out... so we released 10 more, and they all sold too! That totalled to over £7m worth of apartments reserved on the day.


We knew there was a bit of a buzz building around Crusader, not just because it's a big beautiful mill and one of the last to be developed but also because we're aiming to sell completely to owner-occupiers.


Still, we couldn’t have predicted the sheer level of excitement from the people that walked through the door, it was incredible! People were queuing from 7am in the morning to make sure they got in first. We’ve not seen that since the pre-recession days of 2007.


We also created our first ever virtual apartment. When walking into the first room you would see white boxes that represented the furniture against an open white space but then placing on the VR headsets would transofrm it, giving you a 360 view of your future apartment! You could then choose from a selection of loft styles modelled directly on the space, with eclectic boho-chic or a minimal with scandi/contemporary look.


It was also a special treat for those who would make the building their future home, as architects shedkm and interior designers UTH were on hand to talk people through the design and idea behind it.


As people signed up to reserve an apartment we even overheard a bit of chatter of plans being made, phone numbers being swapped, daily exchanges of sugar/milk agreed; this is what we had hoped for – real communities and real people that care about the places they live!


It was a pleasure to see this beautiful old building alive with people once again – people that ultimately cannot wait to live here and make it their home. That’s not something I’ve seen in Manchester for a long time.


For those that couldn't make the launch day or missed out, don't worry as we’ll be releasing more apartments at some point in the future!


We haven't yet planned a date for the release, so sign up at and keep your eyes peeled for emails from us.

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