Posted by capitalandcentric - 12th April 2016

A quick interview with Tempest wellbeing guardians Yin Yan

Tell us a little bit about who you are!


My name is Robin Ellis, I run Yin Yan. We specialize in working with commercial landlords and employers to provide pop-up yoga/tai chi well-being programs.


Why have you chosen TEMPEST as a location?


TEMPEST has got a fantastic, progressive landlord who’s looking for more things to offer the people that are on site. It’s great to see a building being re-used more imaginatively and effectively and there are some fantastic spaces. Doing rooftop yoga is something that HAS to be tried to be believed.


Whats the atmosphere like, holding the yoga classes at TEMPEST?


Very nice. Everyone’s quite surprised with how modern, open and cool the space is. So it’s perfect for doing yoga for people to balance their day so very positive.


What’s your favourite part of the building?


The roof garden! Panoramic views of the city, doing sun salutations in the sun.


For more info on Yin Yan, visit their website:

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