Posted by capitalandcentric - 02nd November 2017

Inspiring young people to pursue a future career in property and regeneration.

The property industry does great things to invigorate our towns and cities, but it struggles to attract people from diverse backgrounds. Regeneration Brainery aims to change this by offering a free course to young, enthusiastic people from all sorts of backgrounds into the industry.


2017 has seen us host our very first Regeneration Brainery, and what a year it has been. The course forges links between the next generation of property leaders (the Brainees) and a diverse bunch of industry heroes (the Mentors).


It’s fun and inspiring, not stuffy and dry.


During the course, we have held talks from mentors from some of the most inspiring people in the sector, had project visits with on the ground insights, and took Brainees on office visits showing the range of workspaces available. We also held practice group projects and presentations, showing Brainees how to apply their new knowledge.


Afterwards, we hosted a Graduate Club as a chance for everybody to share ideas and keep in touch.


100% of Brainees said they now know how regeneration and the built environment can impact people, and 100% of Brainees said the course was interesting and fun.


We are really looking forward to our next stage of Regeneration Brainery, where we will be inspiring more bright, young minds to get into the property industry.


For more information, please visit:

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