Posted by capitalandcentric - 03rd September 2018

Fire broke out at CAPITAL&CENTRIC’s former Littlewoods building shortly before 8pm on Sunday 2 September 2018. The fire is well under control, with fire teams remaining on site this morning.
The west wing of the building – with the clock tower – has suffered damage to the floor and roof. The fire was contained to this area and did not spread to the east wing or the central linking building, thanks to efforts from Mersey Fire and Rescue crews.
Plans for Twickenham Studios, the UK’s oldest film studios, to locate to the site were announced in June this year. The deal will see two new Hollywood-ready sound stages constructed on land next to the existing building, with supporting workshops; wardrobe and prop storage; and offices located in the east wing.


Adam Higgins, co-founder of CAPITAL&CENTRIC, said:
“Last night was extremely difficult for our team, the city and the many thousands with a connection to this landmark building. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the fire service, who battled throughout the night to save as much as they could.
“While there is damage to the floor and roof, the walls of the west wing and overall structure seem intact. We’ll know more once we can get inside, but we’re extremely hopeful that we’ll be able to save the iconic structure that people see from Edge Lane. 
“The building is so important to the social heritage of Liverpool and has always been at the heart of our plans to create a hub for TV and film. We won’t let this put us off.
“The city’s outpouring of good will for our restoration plans has floored us. This is a setback, but we won’t let it hamper our ambitions for Littlewoods to be the home of Liverpool’s creative industries.”

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