Posted by capitalandcentric - 05th January 2016

Supreme Brewmeister General of 2015 - Emma Jarrett

2015 was a year of many successes for CAPITAL&CENTRIC, but the most coveted title of them all was... The Brewmeister.


Just to explain what it is; we'd created a "brew counter" on the team page of our new website in 2015. This recorded how many rounds of brews were made by each team member, each week and the person with most weekly wins is crowned Brewmeister at the end of the year.


A title that the whole team fought tooth and nail for, with even one cheating (see below) and others trying to gain points through technicalities—but ultimately, there could only be one crowned supreme Brewmeister General. The winner had to have all the qualities of a team player;

  1. - Nobly sacrificing their own time to quench the thirst of others from a variety of fruit teas and caffeinated beverages

  2. - Remarkable multi-tasking abilities, completing their job whilst hydrating a workforce

  3.  - Flawless dance moves & impeccable style

...​and that winner was Asset Manager Emma Jarrett!


The cheater however must be named and shamed. As you can see from the image above, tampering with the tally system was attempted by one Max Bentham but easily discovered due to not using the same colour pen used for brew tallying. An amateur forgery that almost cost Emma the crown, apart from the fact that we're not colour blind. Due to this happening, he'll be handicapped -50 brews in 2016.


Anyhow, massive props to Em for pulling it out of the bag and everyone please tweet full congratulations to @emmjarr_emma!

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