Posted by capitalandcentric - 28th January 2016

Last week we were super excited to hand out treats for all of our TEMPEST residents. These passes entitle all of the TEMPEST community to free Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes which are on mornings and lunchtimes.

We're trying to improve the wellbeing and productivity of all residents in our workspaces through physical and mental exercises! For this we've brought in the passionate team at YinYan who practice an array of different classes and understand how to effectively to use Yoga and Meditation optimise the day and relieve stress which helps people stay happy and positive.


The classes are especially awesome in spring/summer where residents can start their morning with a breathtaking view practicing yoga in the roof garden overlooking the city... It's also helped with the communal vibe within the building, bringing residents from different floors and areas together in a common interest. We've already had many positive responses from the classes and we're excited to see how this translates into success for the individual businesses residing in the TEMPEST building.


To see full info on the classes, visit the YinYan site:
Tempest Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Classes

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