Classes Wellbeing

We offer free yoga, meditation and pilates classes to our tenants from wellbeing masters Yin Yan.

We understand that to have a productive working day, people need to be happy, healthy and de-stressed. It also helps to inspire a healthy, positive work culture within our communities.

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Co-working Stand shoulder to shoulder

A good company is being in good company. We’ve our own co-working and business incubation hub, which is thriving with startups and exciting fledgling ideas.

The event space there holds launches and hackathons almost daily, which add an infectious excitement to the space.

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Competitions Nurturing talent

We don’t just support existing talent; we hold design competitions for architecture students, which give a platform to the problem-solvers of the future. Some of their fresh input has even entered our schemes.

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Beekeeping Natural & organic

At our TEMPEST building in Liverpool, we have over 30,000 honeybees in a hive on the rooftop - seriously!

We produce organic urban honey that, surprisingly, is healthier as there are no pesticides involved. We’ve also introduced beekeeping classes so that the TEMPEST community can manage their own beehive.

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Art Nomad Clan graffiti

We teamed up with the massively talented street art duo @NomadClan to create an incredible 20m tall mural at our TEMPEST building. It’s the biggest of its kind in the north and we couldn’t be more proud. It’s even become something of a local sightseeing spot!

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HUS Let's get hygge

We get that people need to have a healthy and balanced work-play lifestyle, which is why we created HUS: a scandi-inspired bar, venue and café which brings music, entertainment, artisan food and quality coffee to our residents.

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Meet the Neighbours We’re all in it together

Our spaces are designed to encourage community interaction between the residents. We create beautiful common areas and hold quirky, engaging events within them: rooftop garden parties, ping-pong tournaments, secret breakfasts and “Leave your lunch at home” feasts.

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Free Pizza Fridays Slice, slice baby

Happy residents create a positive atmosphere and one way we make people happy is by sending surprise deliveries to our spaces. We regularly send fresh pizzas, artisan donuts and even masseuses! Check out our twitter feed for images from our residents @capitalcentric.

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